Brand New: (Fork and Knife)

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Artist: Brand New
Track: (Fork and Knife)

The latest single from Long Island group Brand New might sound familiar to obsessive fans, but casual listeners will scan the tracklisting of album The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me in confusion. But they can keep looking - '(Fork and Knife)' isn't there. A reworking of 'Untitled 7', one of the demos from the 'Fight Off Your Demons' sessions that Brand New scrapped after the tracks leaked online, this MP3-only release's more restrained feel might have sat uneasily amidst the intensity of the album but makes for a worthwhile standalone track. This achingly melancholic piano ballad lopes along with shimmering guitar and unobtrusive yet memorable work from the rhythm section, all the while offering noticeably improved production over the demo. '(Fork and Knife)' also adds an effective bridge to the three minute song 'Untitled 7', providing a fantastic showcase for Jesse Lacey's uniquely poetic lyrics and delicate harmonies. Well worth 79p.

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