York students say 'yes' to NUS

The University of York will continue its affiliation with the NUS it was announced today, with the 'yes' campaign taking 72% of the vote.

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The University of York will continue its affiliation with the NUS it was announced today. Taking 72% of the total vote, the 'Yes to NUS' campaign, lead by YUSU officers Tom Langrish and Grace Fletcher-Hall celebrated a resounding victory.

Speaking after the announcement Langrish said "I'm overjoyed. We had two aims for this campaign, to stay affiliated to the NUS, and to educate people about the NUS, and we've achieved both. We've had so much positive feedback, it's been a great experience. Hopefully now we can build on this and make the NUS as important as YUSU because they do make a difference - York students have realised that."

Turnout was surprisingly high, with 1389 people exercising their vote, comfortably exceeding quoracy of 742 by almost 650 votes. "I'm happy that we had a fantastic turnout. We've defeated all the critics who thought that we wouldn't make quoracy. Clearly York students have made their voice heard," said Anne-Marie Canning, YUSU President and Referendum Co-ordinator.

NUS President Gemma Tumelty, who participated in the referendum opening debate session on Monday was also impressed by the result. "I am really over the moon," she said, "every single time that students vote to stay in the NUS, it strengthens our democratic voice as the largest student organisation in the world. It's great - the students of York have certainly made the right decision."

The 'No to NUS' campaign, lead by York Conservatives members Alan Yonge and Dan Taylor garnered 26% of the vote, a figure higher than many had expected. "We've got people talking about whether the NUS is good or not, and whether it is actually accountable. Obviously we would have liked to have won, but when you compare our results to other universities, we have actually got a reasonable result," Yonge said.

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Ben Farmer Posted on Friday 18 Jan 2019

So the Tories didn't expect to win and were happy with just a quarter of the vote. Does running the disaffiliation campaign represent a good use of YUSU's funds?


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