Petition: Stop Heslington East Campaign

Nouse is fighting to stop the Heslington East plans as they are, prioritising money over students. Our online petition is now closed but please continue continue to send us your comments and thoughts.

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Nouse is fighting to stop the Heslington East plans as they are, prioritising money over students.

Our online petition is now closed but please continue continue to send us your comments and thoughts.

For more information on the Heslington East project visit our dedicated section:

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8 Comment

John Brown Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

Why are you so arrogant as to think that undergraduate students deserve ultimate consideration in the long-term plans of a University? A University is an academic institution that houses top academics in order to allow them to work; the undergraduates are taught as part of the University's commitment to furthering education, but are not it's primary aim. Research is what a University exists for, and this is done by staff members and business partners. This is why a Students' Union exists - to protect student welfare/social interests. But then, you don't like that either. Do you actually like anything, or does writing negative things give the Editor some kind of perverse pleasure/fill a gaping hole?

The childish rhetoric of a newspaper clearly gunning for the awards it's competition has so successfully gained in past years is, to be honest, embarassing. Many of us at York want to be proud of the Media on campus, but when Nouse choose to litter our surroundings with such a disregard for the real world, it is somewhat tiresome. And further, what on earth were the editorial thinking when they put that 'cartoon' on the front page - absoultely awful (and Brian Cantor isn't black...)


sarah green Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

John Brown's comments about the Heslington East campaign are absurd. How can he say that the University should not prioritise its own students? We pay a ridiculous amount of money to come and study at York (which will soon be a great deal more) and yet we're not even considered in the development plans... I think the University have a lot to answer for.


Jessica Levy Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

I think nouse has done an excellent job in bringing this to light; keep fighting for the student voice to be heard.


Abigail Jones Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

I've been surprised that the proposals for Heslington East have not generated more discussion amongst York students. Several of my friends have no idea about the planned expansion - nouse has done a crucial job in highlighting the issue and bringing it to our attention. Although there are pros and cons as regards the benefits to students, the impact on the local environment appears to have suffered considerable neglect from the university's planning team.

A second lake potentially sounds like a good idea, but the existing example, complete with kilos of goose droppings and the cold spray of the fountain doesn't provide a good template. The new lake would need gallons of water to maintain its supply, putting potential pressure on the irrigation systems of local farms.

The issue of transport is crucial to a project of this size and has not been sufficiently dealt with. Nearly 4000 students would be expected to fill the new campus in addition to staff, academic and general; I envisage the current local transport system having a tough time handling the increased capacity, let alone stretching itself to new bus routes, to and from the new campus.

Many issues need to be considered in greater depth before such a large development gets the go-ahead, and students, as well as local people who will bear the brunt of the construction, should be involved in these decisions. Please sign the petition and ensure that we get a fair deal for students and the local environment.


D. King Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

Clearly John Brown (comment posted, 24th June) is too engrossed in the cartoon on the front page to realise that there's actually an article inside. Research might be his only concern, but even this will be undermined by the University's develpment plans.

Furthermore, accusing a student newspaper of arrogance for only considering student interests is absurd. The paper is (presumably) run by undergraduates for undergraduates and it's therefore understandable that the issues they raise are student-related. More to the point, it's a good job they do because if they didn't, no one else would.


Rob Taylor Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

In response to "John Brown", I drew that "cartoon" on the front on the the night of publication in a couple of the very early hours of the morning. If he thinks he can do any better I'd like to see the fruits of his very cock-sure labour with the same constraints. As for his comment about Brian Cantor "not being black"... er, I know, "John", (if that is your real name) the idea was that he was like a thunderbirds puppet, and the printed colours were a little different to the ones I laid down in the first place. I was particularly proud of my depiction of James Alexander! Of course, whilst I always strive to entertain, nothing pleases me more than when I really piss someone off. thanks for your criticism, John.


Rob Taylor Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

by the way "John", before you criticise other people's journalistic skill, you should learn how to spell "absoultely".


Samir Jeraj Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

A scheme that will benefit, business and conference guests :P
Nice to see that some priorities never change.


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