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I have to admit, the prospect of listening to another 'cool' indie rock quartet from New York filled me with a sense of immediate boredom, and with a name as bad as Ambulance Ltd, you can appreciate where I was coming from. So I was pleasantly surprised when I put the album on to find that Ambulance Ltd, with their self titled debut record stand out from the crowd of inane indie blandness saturating the airwaves from here all the way to New York (and full marks for the glossy booklet in the
sleeve of the attractive album.)

The album is a mellow collection of eleven understated songs with at least a passing resemblance to Radiohead's Amnesiac and Kid A in the song Ophelia, and The Doves in track 6, Stay Where You Are. The highlights for me were the opening track, Yoga Means Union, a layered five minute guitar driven instrumental song which loses nothing from being without the vocals of singer Marcus Congleton, the random 15 second instrumentals are a nice touch and Heavy Lifting, which sounds like an obvious single, has a nice upbeat feel and an energetic chorus.

What lets the album down is that is is repetitive in places, and tedious in others, but all in all worth a listen all the same.

(Laurence Newman)

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