Roses: New Retro Look

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In an attempt to revive dwindling interest in the historic Roses contest, the 2005 event will feature a restaging of the Battle of Bosworth Field. Students will be armed by local blacksmiths and then left to fight to the death.

Brian DeGranville of the Battle Reenactment Soc commented that it "would be just like the real thing."  Meanwhile, University Vice-Chancellor Andrew Gilligan commented that 15th Century battle reenactment is "what university is all about."

However, concerns have been mounting after it was revealed that there are no horses available for the scheduled combat. As a consequence, donkeys from Scarborough Beach and nearby Haxby Donkey Sanctuary will be loaned to the University.

It is also possible that the Queen's 85th squadron, posted at Fulford Barracks, and currently suffering from Blood-And-Gore-Deprivation-Syndrome (BAGSD) may involve themselves in proceedings. Private Pike commented: "I hate students, but love weapons. The day will be great. The squaddie who kills the most students gets an all expenses paid trip to the Gallery."

York City Council are currently assessing the legality of the planned events, but may sanction it after 58 Texans booked flights to watch the battle. Cllr. Cyril Cash commented: "what's good for tourism is good for York."

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